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Commendations: Feedbacks are welcome everywhere, but at Compass they're also appreciated, looked into, and worked upon. We've great services, exceptional quality and superb tours! Our journeys have received unparalleled raves and rants and all that! But you'd rather hear it from the horse's mouth, right? So welcome to our commendations section.

Guest commendations help us to understand the travellers' take on our services and with the constant fine tuning, based on the commendations, there's little room for error - that means no worry lines for your forehead! So you go back looking better than ever - truly rejuvenated!

Please note that we follow the strict international guidelines in protecting internet identities hence email ids, phone numbers and home addresses have not been mentioned.

The commendations we receive from our guests have been categorized in 3 different ways-

You know how twitter limits your tweets to 140 characters well this particular section of commendations is kind of like that, a wee bit longer than 140 characters though. Comments are short feedbacks from clients who are pressed for time. In case you want to just quickly read through some of our guests' thoughts on their tours, have a look at the Travelers' Comments section.
These are travelers' detailed commendations regarding their trips. Feedbacks have a detailed account of the travelers' journey, their experience and what they liked about it etc. Feedbacks give you a little more insight on our tours, what have travellers' experiences been like while touring India with Compass. These will give you that push of confidence you're looking for before booking your flight tickets!
A lot of travellers like to write, probably because it serves as a way of recording their memories of an unforgettable trip. For a day-wise account of a guest's trip, go through our Travelogues section. This is where we feature travel tales penned down by the travellers themselves. In case you want to have an idea of how a Compass guest spends every day on his tour of India, read one of our travellers' accounts here.
It's out, our 2010 - 2011 product brochure, 'The Unfolding'! And so is the verdict! It's been a hit!
Our experts went to the white board and some brain storming sessions later came up with some of the most intriguing tours to the Indian subcontinent, featured in our brochure. Recreating the definition of vacationing in the Indian subcontinent in 'The Unfolding', Compass brings you magnificent luxury and exclusive tours to India, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka. With the combined expertise of dedicated tour managers and licensed guides, not to forget the Compass specials, we offer you an intimate experience that few can match. And our guests as well as everyone who has had a look at the brochure and the tours featuring in it, love it! Here's what a few had to say about it.